2018 PhD Student Recruitment

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To avoid any misunderstanding or disapointment during the doctoral studies, we strongly invite the PhD candidates to carefully read the following paragraphs.


The PhD candidate who registers, commits for three years towards his laboratory and Doctoral School. He will work on a research subject under the responsability of a thesis Supervisor.
Additionnaly, he commits to:

  • attend compulsary doctoral courses,
  • write a manuscript of his (her) thesis at the end of his (her) doctorate,
  • defend his (her) PhD dissertation,
  • participate in the writing of scientific articles.

This implies real skills for :

  • rigorous scientific approach,
  • individual work AND teamwork,
  • writing and summary,
  • communication.

The PhD student will have to take a set of doctoral training courses for at least 15 hours in each of the following components:

  1. Scientific courses (« Formations de spécialité ») in relation with his (her) scientific speciality
  2. Open-minded courses (« Formations thématiques ») on subjects in relation with actual problems of society, including also other subjects as medical, legal, human disciplines for example.
  3. Cross-disciplinary courses (« Formations transversales ») to prepare the PhD student to his (her) professionnal insertion

45 additional hours will have to be taken, at his (her) convenience in those 3 categories, for a total of 90 hours.
Moreover, he (she) will have to take the Ethical (5 hours) and the Scientific Integrity (5 hours) training courses.
The PhD student who wants to teach in the school he will register, will have to apply at the end of the first year of the thesis. If selected, he (she) will sign an additionnal clause to his (her) contract. He will commit to to give 64-hour lessons a year (consequently paid) and to take the 100-hour Teaching Training Courses organized by the CRIIP of the University of Poitiers. Those courses are regognised as Cross-disciplinary courses.


— Registration is open from April 16 to May 4, 2018—


To apply for a University of Poitiers thesis subject, please use the following link:

UP Application


To apply for a ENSMA thesis subject, please use the following link:

ENSMA Application




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