2018 Recruitment Campaign

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The 2018 campaign of SIMME Doctoral School for the recruitment of PhD students is now open for the University of Poitiers and ENSMA.

The exhaustive list of the proposed subjects will be available by 26 February 2018 at latest.

The recruitment calendar is the following:


Initial contact with the thesis Supervisor Up to 26 March 2018
Decision by PPRIME Institute on thesis subjects that will be financed 6 April 2018
Candidates selection by PPRIME 13 April 2018
Submission of the applications from 16 April to 4 May 2018
Auditions From 21 to 25 May (to be confirmed)


If you are interested in one of the following subjects, click on it and contact the person mentioned on the form before 26 March 2018. If the thesis Supervisor selects your application, you will be informed and will have to proceed as follows, starting from 16 April 2018: Applications.

University of Poitiers – P’ D1 :

ENSMA (École Nationale d’Ingénieurs en Mécanique et Aérotechnique) – P’ D1 :

University of Poitiers – P’ D2 :

ENSMA (École Nationale d’Ingénieurs en Mécanique et Aérotechnique) – P’ D2 :

University of Poitiers – P’ D3 :

University of Limoges – IRCER :

University of Limoges – GC2D :



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